[realtek] re: dhcp problem with realtek 8139 clone

David Hutchinson djch@phluffy.burrowmates.bogus
Fri, 4 May 2001 22:42:00 +0100

I too have a problem with dhcp, using an SMC 1211TX card (and the 8139too 
code, since I need 2.4 kernel, and can't yet figure out how to use the 'real' 
rtl8139.c with this kernel. Sorry, I'd much rather use the real thing)

My dhcp server is a old 2.2.17 linux  box, across a 10 M ethernet (problem 
also appear when I put a 10/100 switch in the way, so that the 1211 then uses 
100 full duplex, not 10 half)

What I see on the server is that it receives the DHCPDISCOVER, and then sends 
back the DHCPOFFER, but the 1211 doesn't see the replies (ifconfig gives no 
packets rx, 4 tx for the 4 attempts before dhcpcd gives up).

If I manually set the address 'ifconfig eth0 X.Y.Z.W' to the address dhcp 
will give out, and then restart the network, the 1211  then successfully 
contacts the dhcp server, and gets a lease. (Yes, my dhcp uses fixed 

During the successful case I get dhcpd: fallback_discard: Connection refused  
  errors twice. Sorry, not a DHCP expert.

It looks as if the 1211 is somehow  not set to receive until it has an IP 
address.  After the first time, I can stop and start 
/etc/rc.d/init.d/network, and it works fine.

Good ideas welcome