[realtek] pbm with a RLT 8139 on a ASUS laptop under linux RH7

Donald Becker becker@scyld.com
Mon, 30 Apr 2001 22:41:21 -0400 (EDT)

On Sun, 22 Apr 2001 svanesse@alineos.com wrote:

> I just bought an ASUS 8400-c laptop with a built-in Realtek 8139
> Ethernet card and I'm trying to install linux on it. Under linux some
> error message are displayed each time i try to access to the eth0
> interface : (it looks like this)
> eth0: RTL8139 Interrupt line blocked, status ffff
> eth0: PCI Bus Error 2900007.

The device has not been activated.
Is it still in D3 state?
What driver version are you using?

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