[realtek] Oversized Ethernet frame RECEIVE HUNG!

Kayson Chan kchan@civon.com
Fri, 16 Mar 2001 14:13:57 -0800

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I have a number of motherboards with built-in Realtek 8139B chip running
RedHat 6.2 (version 1.07 of the Realtek driver).  We routinuely pump 4
to 8 Mbps of data (UDP or multicast) in and out of these machines.  But
periodically, the Realtek chip goes into "deaf" mode.  That is, the
transmission is working properly while the receive capability is totally
gone.  This behavior almost always come with the message "Oversized
Ethernet frame, status <some number>".

I have tried the v1.13 driver (released 1/9/2001) but the same problem
occurs!  However, comparing the source code between v1.07 and v1.13, I
noticed that there was an attempt to fix a hardware-hung problem.  I am
guessing that the fix did not quite work.  In particular, with either
driver versions, if I do a "ifdown eth0" and "ifup eth0", I can always
get the receive capability back.

Anybody care to offer any suggestions?  Thanks!

--Kayson Chan

P.S. Donald Becker, are you interested in working together to get this
problem resolved?  I think I can reproduce this problem quite easily,
say within 15 - 30 minutes!
P.S. Chris Leavoy, I found your article in the realtek-bug archives back
in Aug 3, 2000.  Did you ever get your problem fixed?  Thanks!

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