[realtek] d-link df3530tx resource busy

Wm. G. McGrath wgm@telus.net
Tue, 12 Jun 2001 06:57:35 -0700

Howdy all, Jamby,

I too am having problems with the dlink DFE-538TX in a 3 card
configuration. Two of my cards are also ISA (3com 509Bs) and the
D-Link will not play nicely with them either. I don't know if its an
ISA/PCI problem or a Dlink/rest-of-world problem or really if this is
the problem at all. It could be plug and pray. But...

Roderick Smith, (Linux: networking for your Office, Sams 1999) seems
to think this is a general problem with linux. He suggests recompiling
the kernel, putting some drivers in the kernel, compiling some as
modules, switching cards around, putting all drivers in the kernel, or
all as modules. In short play with the beasties. That's what I'm
I have my fingers crossed.

I know it's all *supposed* to be controllable from the boot prompt and
modules.conf but not yet eh! 
How'd you like to have your cards detected twice as eth0 and eth1 and
then later as eth2 and eth3? Real soon now! :)
Ah well, I hope these ideas give you a different approach to try. Hack



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