[realtek] NIC boots up with 10BaseT-HD and needs manual reinit

Christian Hammers ch@westend.com
Sun, 8 Jul 2001 16:21:24 +0200


Probably after playing around with mii-diag or maybe after a kernel upgrade
from 2.4.x to 2.4.5,2.4.5-ac9 and now 2.4.6, my RTL-8139B begun to boot up
in 10BaseT-HD,no_auto_sense mode and this giving me no net access. It took
me a while to figure out what was happened but no I can at least get it
work by putting a "/sbin/mii-tool -r" in the init script.

Does anybody know how to make the card initialize in 100BaseT-FD or better
autosening mode after startup again?



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