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kimish r patel kimipatel@rediffmail.com
3 Jul 2001 17:18:00 -0000

hi there
I am having somewhat problem in writing driver for ethernet card of rtl8029
actually it is one part of our project
and the way i am writing the driver should be independent of the os so should not be dependent on DOS or LINUX or WINDOWS
now that i have studied the document of pci bus and also pci configuration register and also had cleared concepts of IRQs and PIC but the thing is that
like suppose i am programing under dos and i am using
getvect and setvect
which are used to get the entry in the IVT and also used to place your own codes entry in that interrupt.
Situation here is i have card having IRQ no 10 which has IVT entry no or interrupt no. 72h
I have also enabled particular bit in PIC register which is at 0x20 so as to enable the IRQ,now
when i replace that entry with my own code and in short writing my TSR
than whenever card gets some data it should first execute my code
but when i send some packet to the machine red light on card blinks which means it is receiving data but my TSR is not executing.
Even i wondered when i have experienced that when i read PIC registers it gives me information that IRQ 10 is disabled and still windows answers ping.
So how it receives interrupt
I mean is there any particular interrupt routing is done
so it serves interrupt in another way,actually i have also came to know that there is something called PCI Interrupt Router.
so how PCI interrupt can be served even disabling their corresponding IRQs
Please someone help me
I have spent lots of time but not finding any thing
thanx in advance

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