[realtek] [Question] Oversized Ethernet frame.

Ken-ichi Matsuoka matsuoka@css1.kbnes.nec.co.jp
Tue, 03 Jul 2001 17:46:42 +0900


Sorry my poor English.

We are using version 1.08 of rtl8139.c (RTL8139C), and testing the machine.
But that version driver indicates below message and eth5 stop responding:

"eth5: Oversized Ethernet frame, status 39393939!"

It seems that driver proceeds in the following process:
   A. IntrStatus is either 0x51 or 0x30, so driver sets 
      the value of RxBufAddr into RxBufPtr in rtl8129_interrupt.
   B. But packets don't reach  Rx Buffer, rtl8129_rx returns right away.
      (Because BufEmpty bit is checked.)
   C. rtl8129_rx is called again, but BufEmpty bit is cleared ,
      and reads the wrong rx_status value. 
   D. rx_status is wrong, so print above message.

I have some questions:

  Q1. This problem is solved in the latest driver ?

  Q2. Do you have any patch solving this problem ?

  Q3. If Q1's answer is No, are you going to correct this problem ?

<Our Machine Spec>
CPU:    Intel Celeron Processor 733MHz
Mem:    128MB
Chip:   VIA 82C686A
NIC:    onboard Realtek8139C (rev16)  (eth5, rtl8139.c ver1.08)
        intel 82557 (eth0)            (Intel e100 driver)
        intel 82557 (eth1)            (Intel e100 driver)
        dual intel 82557 (eth2, 3)    (Intel e100 driver)
        Alteon AceNIC (eth4)          (acenic)
Kernel: 2.2.18-2 (Turbolinux Server 6.5 Japanese Edition)

Please CC to me because I'm not subscribed.

Best regards, 
Ken-ichi Matsuoka