[realtek] realtek 8100

Tobias Barth tobi@web-arts.de
Thu, 16 Aug 2001 18:46:29 +0200

Charter wrote:

> Just between thee and me, I'd stay away from the Realtek line
> altogether...at least from my perspective, I've had nothing but trouble with
> the 8139too module while using Linux-Mandrake 8.0, although I can't speak
> for anyone else.
> I'd stick with a tried and true NE2000 or NE200 clone or anything using the
> DEC Tulip driver (tulip.o).
> Just my .02c American :)

I am using 2 cards with RTL8139C chip at home and about half a dozen at the
university and my brother uses them in his office and I don't think they are
that problematic :)



P.S.: we use SuSE Linux ;) (but most of the kernels are self compiled with
source trees from kernel.org).