[realtek] /etc/modules.conf

Juan Fco Rodriguez Hervella jrh@it.uc3m.es
Mon, 23 Apr 2001 21:11:31 +0200


Sorry my silly question, but sure someone can answer it rapidly...

I have kernel 2.2.19 and kernel 2.4.2.
With 2.2.19, I am using rtl8139.o and with 2.4.2 I am using

I have in /etc/modules.conf:

alias eth0 rtl8139
alias eth1 rtl8139
alias eth2 rtl8139

And all is OK with 2.2, but when I reboot with 2.4,
the kernel dont load the 8139too.o module.

I suppose that I have to modified the previous lines in
but I does *not* want to have the same problem with kernel 2.2 if I set:

alias eth0 8139too
alias eth1 8139too
alias eth2 8139too

It is possible to combine the 2 modules so I can start both kernels 
automatically ???

Thanks in advance.

Juan F. Rodriguez Hervella
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid