[realtek] D-Link 530TX+ (rtl8139 driver) on a Debian/PPC box?

Jeremy Higgs jhiggs@iprsystems.com
Thu, 12 Apr 2001 22:55:59 +1000


I have a Debian/GNU Linux 2.2 box running on a PowerMac G3, and I 
have bought a couple of D-Link 530TX+ Ethernet cards, which came with 
the rtl8139 driver on the included floppies. I have compiled the 
rtl8139 driver into my kernel (2.2.18), using the driver that was 
already there (i.e. not the one from the floppy). I'm now using that 
kernel, however when I look at /proc/pci, the Ethernet card is not 

Could this be because the machine is a PowerPC box? Someone mentioned 
that because x86 chips are little-endian and PPCs are big-endian, it 
might affect it. Could this be the case?