[realtek] Weird problem! RTL 8139 can transmit but not receive

Jia H. hua200@hotmail.com
Wed, 18 Oct 2000 18:14:58 -0400

Hi, All,
I have a weird problem with my RTL8139 cards(the cards are from Hawking
Tech.). I have two linux boxes connected by a mini hub. One is PII 400, asus
p2b AGP motherboard, with dual(triple) boot(Linux ReHat6.0, NT, 98). Another
is P75 Packard Bell with Linux ReHat6.0 only. When trying the peer to peer
network, I boot Linux on both boxes. I downloaded the latest driver from
website, and complied the module. Everything looks fine at the beginning,
both my linux boxes can detect the card. But I can not ping each other. When
I ping the other one, I can see the led blinks on the hub, and the other
card's led blinks also. I use the ifconfig eth0 to check the status, and I
can see the TX packet with some numbers, but RX number is always 0! I
believe I set right for the IP and route, which are with and with I use
mii-diag, and it reports 782d for status. I really don't know what else I
should check. Could anyone give me some hints? Thanks a lot!

Joe H.