[realtek] patching 8139too to use in 2.2x kernel

Corisen csyap@starnet.gov.sg
Mon, 13 Nov 2000 23:55:10 +0800

i've tried compiling the 2.4.0-test10 kernel a few times. the same problem
persist. i'm able to get an IP but upon downloading using FTP, the
connection will die. i've used both gcc (v2.96) and kgcc (v2.91.66 as
recommded but the readme) and gcc 2.95.2 but the compilied driver still
gives the same problem. however, there was one time when i managed to
compile the kernel and driver and get it working with ftp but unfortunately,
i overwrote it :( and subsequent compilation did not produce a driver
working with ftp.

also, different version of complier produce different size of compiled

may i know if there's a recommeded version of gcc for kernel/driver

would really appreciate if someone send me a latest version of compiled
rtl8139.o (for 2.2.x) and 8139too.o (for both 2.2.x and 2.4) for testing on
my system.

thank you.

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> You want to use the 8139too driver that came with 2.4.0-test10. It has
> some important fixes.
> Just make sure you selected the 8139 driver at config time as a module
> and `make modules'.
>    Sean
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