[realtek] patching 8139too to use in 2.2x kernel

Stephen Gutknecht (vw) VW@i405.com
Sun, 12 Nov 2000 18:48:58 -0800

Did anyone ever answer this question?

Csyap: do you mind detailing the _exact steps_ of you compiled the 8139too.c
driver?  I'm just learning myself and it would be great if we could share

I'm on Redhat 7.0, I upgraded modutils to 2.3.19-2 using RPM and compiled a
2.4.0-test10 kernel (which I can boot with fine - but no network, using a
Asus CUSL2 i815 main board).

  Stephen Gutknecht
  Renton, Washington

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Subject: [realtek] patching 8139too to use in 2.2x kernel


i've downloaded the following 3 files and successfully compiled 8139too.c
to 8139too.o(for kernel 2.4x) from 8139too-0.9.10.tar.gz.

pls kindly advise the procedure to apply the patch for 2.2.16-22 kernel.
what command must i execute pls. where must each file be kept?

thanks for your help