[realtek] OT: realtek 8139c cards from Compgeeks for $10 each

Stephen Gutknecht (vw) VW@i405.com
Mon, 6 Nov 2000 07:02:23 -0800

A little off topic, but I thought of possible interest to this list.

I just ordered a couple RT 8139c cards from Compugeeks for $10 each.  They
are Encore ENL832-TX and the Compgeeks web page says 8139a/b/c, but both of
mine came with 8139c chips (I suspect all of them are 8139c, just that
Compgeeks copies generic literature for their web site.)  $10 for a new card
in box is a good deal, I got 3 of them.


I have ordered before from them.  Their shipping is high, they seem to
charge $7 for UPS ground even if one item.  The good news is that if you
order 3 or 5 items the shipping is still $7 for UPS ground.  Suggestions for
other purchases: They have 50 pack 80min 12x CD-R disks for $9.50 (search
"80 min").  Just take care that they do sell used stuff, read the

Not affiliated with them, just a customer...

  Stephen Gutknecht
  Renton, Washington