[realtek] Compilation problem of rtl8139.c with 2.4.0-test10

Georg Ritter georg.ritter@uibk.ac.at
Sun, 05 Nov 2000 16:27:09 +0100


having the same troubles (same kernel, pcmcia versions). It seems that some
header file in the kernel where subject to changes. 

One also has to find out, how to integrate the rtl8139.o. Is it enough to
compile and load only this module? I've seen a cb_enabler.c file in the
kernel sources so this might be there already. When trying to load (force)
and rtl8139.o compiled for kernel 2.2.16 some symbols are missing. The doc
in the kernel sources say that the pcmcia interface was wrapped somehow, so
that there is no change visible to the drivers... 

I also tried to compare to the driverfiles (3c5xxx.c) which are contained
in the distri (2.4.0-test10) but I did not yet found out how to adapt the

Ideas welcome ;-).


	Georg Ritter