[realtek] Packages 4 bytes to large

Santiago Garcia Mantinan manty@udc.es
Fri, 26 May 2000 14:55:55 -0100 (GMT)

> I have seen more questions about this in the list archive, but I found
> no reply. Is there a solution to this problem or do I have to change
> computer?

I first reported problems with the bridge and the realtek a long time 
ago, but the bridge code, being inmature, was blamed, then I got to know 
it was the 4 bytes length problem, and I also reported that, but still 
nothing was done, finally Jeff Garzik who is in charge of the 2.4 8139too 
driver has ack the bug and told me he would solve it, the problem is that 
the last time he contacted me telling me to test the driver, the bug was 
still there :-(

What I can tell you is that changing the computer, or even just the card, 
is, to me, not the right solution, the right solution could be to solve 
the bug, I'm sure that if you could produce a patch either for rtl8139.c 
or 8139too.c they would be pleased to add it to their code.

Anyway, when I found this bug, the only problem that the bridge was 
giving me was against one of the old windows95 machines, who I believe 
droped the packets because of the size bug, all the other machines seemed 
to run well with the bridge.

Well, that's all I can tell you, if I had time I would put my hands on 
this code, I now own 3 rtl8139 cards, and nearly everyone with a 10/100 
card has one of this (they are bad, but cheap). So it could be a good 
thing to have an stable&bugless driver for them, unluckily now we don't :-(


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