[realtek] linux card recognition problem

CEH churritz@cts.com
Mon, 15 May 2000 19:20:58 -0700

i have a SMC EZNET 10/100 using redhat 6.2 with kernel 2.2.14 with the
rtl driver given with that kernel (i've tried to compile the kernel with
the driver sources on the scvld site and smc's site but they don't
compile) and the card isn't recognized.  I've also tried to search the
internet for this card and linux and can't get linux to find it.  the
card works fine on my windows partiton (of course :(   my last resort is
to specify an ether=10,0,0xb000000,eth0  but i'd like to know why it
can't autodetect it.  I've downloaded the diagnostic program
rtl8139-diag.c and it detects the card fine.  is there an archive site i
can search through or can you help me with what might be causing linux
not to see the card?