Slow connection

Remon Boonstra
Thu Mar 16 12:58:26 2000

Hi people,

I got a realtek RTL8139 card saying with mii-diag etc that it has connected
at 100Mbps,
but when I test my connection speed it is only 1000Kb/s that's +/- 2 times
I know from my work that 100Mbps can go up to 3000-4000Kb/s...
I use 1 side Linux(P90) (Slackware 4, 2.2.14 kernel, 2.07 rtl driver) and
the other side
is a win2k pro (PII400)station, I use a cross-over-cable for my connection
because i don't wanna
buy a HUB.

Thnxs in advance,

Remon Boonstra

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