Realtek RTL8139(A)-based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter

Todd Prenzler
Wed Mar 15 20:43:56 2000

I have an SN5200 Realtek RTL8139(A)-based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter and are
running windows 98 op system.  Installation - Windows picked up the new
harware and proceeded with setting up the drivers, a driver was selected
from the floppy provided with the card and process seemed to flow well.
Windows told me to reboot the machine for the new hardware/drivers to take
effect.  Whilst rebooting the black dos based text screen appeared saying
that certain files were no longer on the system however still in the
registy (something like that).  These files include (sorry i'm going from
	something elese.vxd ?
and when windows finally booted a pop-up box stated that the msnp32.dll was
not present.

I have tried to uninstall and restall the card skipping the windows
atumatic setup of the card and run the installation from the disk supplied.
 Neither seem to work?

What is the problem? Is there a patch or more updated way of installing..
This problem is begging to frustrate me..

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