[realtek] Problems with Compiling / 8139B on 486-System

h9150793@wu-wien.ac.at h9150793@wu-wien.ac.at
Wed, 31 May 2000 23:09:51 +0200

I'm using Suse 6.2 and have already compiled an older version of the driver
(think it was 1.06). Now I tried to compile the new one with the command
mentioned at the end of rtl8139.c taking the instructions at the "compiling
modules"-homepage in consideration.

But it stops with the error-message:

pc2:/usr/src/linux # gcc -DMODULE -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -O6 -c rtl8139.c
rtl8139.c:122: pci-scan.h: No such file or directory
rtl8139.c:123: kern_compat.h: No such file or directory
pc2:/usr/src/linux #

With the old version of the driver it did work. I didn't change anything at
my Linux-configuration.

I want to try the new driver, as my Linux-System (ASUS 486PVI-SP3 with an
Intel 486-DX4/100) using a Realtek-8139B hangs completely after a few
seconds of data transmission.

Thanks very much for your help and suggestions!