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Dan Uscatu
Mon Jan 31 08:07:31 2000


i have this problem: redhat linux 52 machine, kernel 2.0.36, realtek
8139 fast ethernet adaptor connected via switch to the lan. when i open a
terminal and 'cat' a long file, it scrolls very fast and the ethernet card
syslog message is:

Jan 31 13:08:43 machine kernel: eth0: Transmit timeout, status 0d 0000.
Jan 31 13:09:09 machine last message repeated 5 times

i do a net restart and all goes fine, if i do it fast i dont even lose my
terminal session, and i am able to see the rest of the file.

i have changed the port on the switch, the switch, the cable, the ethernet
card. still the same.

can anyone help ?

i am using this version of driver (provided by the kernel sources):

rtl8139.c:v0.99B 4/7/98 Donald Becker

Dan Uscatu
Network Administrator
DigiCom Systems

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