8139 failures related to packetsize?

Bernd Stahlbock stahlbock@basysprint.de
Thu Jan 27 05:52:23 2000


I've many problemems with our embedded pcs that  have the 8139 chip on
it. There are sudden breakdowns sometimes all few hours, sometimes all
few days only. Now i discovered that when i send pings from a NT
Workstation to the linux PCs with 8139 chips, I get failures (about
30% loss) when I ping with packetsizes 32,64,128,256. But when I ping
with 100 bytes for example, there are no failures. Now I will try to
change the Packetsize in my application, so that it's not near 32
bytes for example. I hope that will fix my problems.

If anybody discovered the same, please tell.


stahlbock@basysprint.de, http://www.basysprint.de
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Tel.: ++49-38847-99-163, Fax:++49-38847-99-192

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