Kernel 2.2.14 problem.
Sun Jan 23 05:40:14 2000

> I compiled the driver as a module.. (i dont know why it does not come out in
> "make menuconfig" it did on 2.0.36)

In 2.2 series kernels the 8139 driver is considered experimental, so you
need to select "prompt for experimental" in th general setup or where ever
that is.  You can find it.
> well i compiled with this command:
> gcc -DMODVERSIONS -DMODULE -D__KERNEL__ -I /usr/src/linux/include -c
> rtl8189.c
> it did not gave me any errors but when i tried to insmod i got:
> Jan 23 10:07:21 debian insmod: rtl8139.o: unresolved symbol inb

"inb" and other such function are "inline" functions which are only expanded
if you compile with optimizations.  Add "-O2" to your compilation line.

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