RTL8139 SMC1211TX init_module error

Johan Ugander johan@ugander.com
Sun Jan 9 23:39:07 2000

hello fellow list-mates,

I am new to this list, and I come with a problem, as most do. It may 
be common. Please help. Here is my rundown of the problem as I have 
attacked it.

My setup is as follows,
SMC 1211TX PCI card
redhat 6.0 (hedwig)
kernel 2.2.5-15 (original)

my problem is as follows.
I can compile the source file flawlessly. no output. Same can be said 
for the test source found on the website.

My problem surfaces when i try to insmod the object.

# insmod rtl.o
rtl.o: init_module: Device or resource busy

so i go and check the code. line 1428:
int init_module(void)
         return rtl8139_probe(0);

hmm... it must be getting an error in that sub.
so test with:
int init_module(void)
         return 0 /* rtl8139_probe(0) */ ;
and it insmod's fine.

so obviously its not finding the card.
I do not have a network hooked up to the card, but does that matter?

when i have the hacked module insmod'ed, i try to activate it as eth1 
with no luck. Its obviously not finding a card.

so basically, there is something wrong when it goes to detect the SMC 
1211TX card. I scan the webpage for errata, and the card is very well 
listed under compatible cards: " SMC 1211TX (relabeled RTL8139) "
but the second part of that quote makes me wonder. do i need to 
relabel the card to RTL8139 somehow? If so, how? jumper settings? 
ugh. I'm very frustrated.

All help would be greatly appreciated,
/johan ugander

ps. this mail might have been sent twice. If so, I'm very sorry.
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