timeout problems

NiElS niels@peen.net
Fri Jan 7 07:05:53 2000

On Thu, Jan 06, 2000 at 02:05:02PM -0500, William T Wilson wrote:

> You may have an IRQ conflict.  With 3 ethernet cards in the system you
> should be getting low on IRQs.  In my case, I had a PNP ISA card for eth1
> and I had set isapnp.conf to make it use IRQ 9.  But my rtl8139 was
> assigned IRQ 9 by the BIOS, and a conflict resulted.  I moved my PNP card
> to IRQ 5 and the problem went away.
> A pentium 200 is not really that slow.  Anything of pentium speed or
> better ought to be able to handle three network cards, especially on
> 10baseT networks.

Thanks for the fast reply. Although there was no irq conflict, I did try
some other irq, but unfortunatly without luck.

I did discover that the machine causing most timeouts is a machine with an
Intel EtherExpress 100. As far as I know this card is somewhat faster than
the realtek used in the machine giving problems, so this again makes me
suspect a performance problem with the machine experiencing the problems.

Going through the driver source I noticed the card is being reset after such
a timeout occurs. If my actual problem can't be solved, perhaps there is a
way to speed up this reset? Strangely, reloading the module is actually
faster than the resetting done by the driver after this error.

Any hints or suggestions appreciated.

Niels Peen
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