realtek-linux problems
Fri Feb 25 04:49:42 2000

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> Hi, I am just new to linux.  Previously I have used the Realtek 8139 in =
> win98 and it has worked just fine.  But I just installed linux on a =
> second HD.  I didn't install LILO.  So I have to put in a LILO disk to =
> start up linux.

That's fine.

> But when I do my ethernet card doesn't work.

Can you be more specific?

> I have a =
> cable modem

Lucky you.

> which is connected to a hub and 3 computers come out of that =
> hub and grab 3 ips.

Your cable service provider allows multiple IP's from a single modem?

> My is one of them.  I am pretty sure I have it =
> configured correctly.

Can you be more specific?

> When using win98, I used a DCHP config to for it =
> to work-I didn't specify any ips.  But in linux I gave all the =
> information it needed and it won't get online. =20

What happens if you use DHCP under Linux?

> I have verified that the kernel module is set to rtl8139.  This =
> automatically was set for me.  but when I check the lights on the NIC =
> card they don't light up like they do in windows.

Not even the link light?

> The other problem is... I can't use my floppy in linux.  It keeps giving =
> me errors when I try to access it.

Can you be more specific?

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