problems wiht rtl8139
Sun Feb 6 05:56:39 2000

> Hi. I have an EA-1210 Series 10/100M Fast Ethernet PCI Ethernet Adapter =
> (made by Netronix with the RTL8139b chip, and I'm =
> trying to install it on Linux Red Hat 6.0. I have followed the =
> instructions on =
> but when I type the command "insmod rtl8139.o" I receive the message =
> "device is busy".

Is the device listed when you cat /proc/pci?  There should be an IRQ listed
there.  Is it being used by another device?  Check /proc/interrupts.
Do you have any other device drivers running for this card?

> If I use netconf to configure my card, I can't find the rtl8139 module =
> on the kernel modules avaible there.

I do not have any experience with netconf, so I can't help you there.

Plain text email is preferred.  At least by me. 

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