[realtek] ping eth0 takes 74000 ms cycle

Tiago Pedroso tfp@co.clix.pt
Sat, 09 Dec 2000 23:22:55 GMT

Paul Campbell writes:
> I believe this was a bug I found and fixed and was folded into version 1.10 - 
> grab the latest driver 1.12 or later.
> An easy way to test it - ping it with a really long packet (say 10k bytes) 
> and see if it fixes itself within a few pings
> 	ping -s 10000
> (Donald - I think this is the 3rd time I've answered this question - could we 
> add this, the test and the fix to the FAQ somewhere?)

Well I'm using v1.12 :) so... it's not that easy ?

What kind of details do you want ? I'm done the ping -s 10000 ...
and it doesn't fixes itself... so... another problem ?

thanks in advance

best rgds