[realtek] rtl8139/Oversize Frame/AppleTalk

Joe Rice joe@justiceleague.com
Tue, 29 Aug 2000 13:31:19 -0700

Hello -

I'm running an 8139 based card (currently an SMC 1211, although I've 
also tried an old MacSense card) under ppclinux on a PowerMac 9500. 
The kernel is 2.2.15pre19, updated with version 1.1 of the rtl8139 

With TCP/IP, all seems ok, however, as soon as any AppleTalk traffic 
hits I see an Oversized Ethernet Frame error on the consol, and the 
card shuts down. Perusing the list archives, I see this problem noted 
a few times, yet my reading indicated that an update driver fixed the 
problem, which it didn't seem to do in this case.

Does anyone have this driver working with AppleTalk? Are there any 
config options I should play with at compile time or startup?

All help much appreciated.