[realtek] Edimax EP-4101/EP-4103 10/100 Fast Ethernet (Rtl8139)

Robert Irrgang rirrgang@workways.de
Mon, 28 Aug 2000 16:37:58 +0200


Is there anywhere a module that will work with this cardbus with rlt8139
(pci id 0x8138)?

I use this card on a IBM ThinkPad 600X and the cardmanager (pcmcia
3.1.19, linux kernel 2.2.14) will detect the card just fine, after
insert information on cardinfo base. But no client driver for this card
will word (i.e. pcnet_cs, tulip_cb).

Can anyone help me?


Robert S. Irrgang

Workways GmbH / Stuttgart / Germany