[realtek] networking problems.... (Partial Solution)

David Pitts dsp6855@mail.qx.net
Sun, 27 Aug 2000 23:29:39 -0400

Thanks for the help.  The problem (so far) is that the machine has 5 PCI
slots.  I needed to tell the BIOS that the third slot (where the card is
installed) is on Bus 0.  This got the network to work.  I then started
downloading something (a large tar'ed file - approx. size 192 Meg.) from
another machine.

After a short time (the first time was about 1 min, the second time was
almost immediately), the system rebooted on its own.

I saw no errors placed in the logs.  When the system came back up,
networking was functional.  But, a second attempt at downloading the same
file caused an immediate reboot.  I did not try again.

Anyone have any further suggestions or ideas?

I did run diags (mii-diag) and saw nothing out of place.



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> On Sat, 26 Aug 2000, David Pitts wrote:
> > I bought 3 HP Pavilion PC's model 8772C. They came with 100Base-T LAN
> > Adapters. The first one configured and is up and running no problem. The
> > other two have the same problem. The network cards will not
> > properly. If I try to install RedHat 6.2 and configure networking at the
> > time of install, it install dies right after loading all the software.
> What do you mean "dies".  Does the machine
>    stop installing with the OS still running (e.g. CapsLock LED toggling),
>    completely freeze
>    produce a kernel crash message.
> > would not work. The card is recognized as SMC 1211TX and loaded the
> > rtl8139. I went out to RedHat and searched for this card. Found that
> Normal.
> > are a couple models and some of them work and some do not. I downloaded
> > the new drivers/patches for this card loaded it. It still did not work.
> > went down to the computer store and purchased 2 3Com cards - model
> > no. 3CSOHO100-TX. which uses the 3c59x driver. I configured the
> > with this card, and had the same problem. I downloaded the newest
> > from the web and installed them, and it still did not work...... ARGH!
> This doesn't sound like a driver problem, but rather a machine
> problem.  We will need more info to track it down.  What was the card
> detection message?
> If you can, run the rtl8139-diag program from:
>   http://www.scyld.com/diag/index.html
> > HP 10/100Base-T LAN Adapter (Ethernet)
> > which Linux recognized as an SMC 1211TX and loaded the driver rtl8139
> It's a RealTek chip, with Accton's PCI ID.  Accton bought the SMC brand
> name.  The old SMC is now "SMSC".
> > So, I went and bought a 3Com model 3CSOHO100-TX card and replaced the
> > other card with this one. I wen to Red Hat site and searched for this
> > card, which uses the 3c59x driver.
> I'm guessing that you either don't have the card in a bus-master slot, or
> it's assigned an invalid IRQ (0 or 255) by the BIOS.
> Read
>    http://www.scyld.com/expert/irq-conflict.html
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