[realtek] rtl8139.c v1.11

Planet Internet weirdow@dma.be
Thu, 24 Aug 2000 19:51:52 +0200

Hello, fellow mailinglist members.

I'm trying to setup a bridge using ... yes 4 RTL8139 based cards. the
original driver included in 2.2.16 misbehaves(or is it the network card
which misbehaves) but at least it stays up, and doesn't crash the machine,
so essentially it's a useless machine but it doesn't crash :)

I downloaded v1.11 yesterday and the driver works... the bridge works also,
but it crashes the machine after 5 seconds.
(kernel panic, swapper task not syncing if i've set up the bridging. If not
the machine just reboots, no messages, just a reboot.)

the only thing I have to do to kill the machine is
ping -f .... et voila, kernel panic or reboot, depending on the fact if
there is swap available and if bridging is turned on.

If someone needs more information or would like me to try something, just