[realtek] Spurious hangup of Connection with Accton 1207D-TX (8139 clone)

PMenzebach@ascona.de PMenzebach@ascona.de
Tue, 22 Aug 2000 12:10:08 +0100

In our company nearly all of the Pcs are equipped with this card. Under OSs
from Redmond no problem.
When we tried to use this under Linux (Kernel 2.2.x)(several machines,
several cards) ,the network connection is lost after some minutes up to
some days.

I tried to update the driver from several sources, but everytime the same

As I saw in this list, other people had similar experiences.

Is there any known stable version around for kernel 2.2 ord 2.4. or any
workarounds? Otherwise we have to look for other NICs  : (.


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