[realtek] New Cardbus 10/100 Ether card to add to supported list

Erasmo Brenes Erasmo.Brenes@vixel.com
Tue, 01 Aug 2000 16:17:34 -0700

I have been successful in getting the 10/100 Ether CardBus from BestData
work on my laptop by using your newer rtl8139 driver. It turns out that
runing lsipci and figuring out that it was a RealTek chip, I still
couldn't make
it work with the available PCMCIA drivers from David Hinds. By
your network driver sources and building the rtl8139, plus modifying the

pcmcia.config to have an entry which matched the manfid, I got the
to work. The changes to the /etc/pcmcia/config are:

card "CardBus PC Card /d Base-TX CardBus Ethernet"
 manfid 0x0000, 0x021b
 bind "realtek"

Please add the Best Data 10/100BaseT CardBus PC Card to your supported
hardware list under the rtl8139 group, as I know this is becoming a
cheap 100Mbs Ether card for portables.

Thanks for the driver.