Problems with second D-Link DFE-530TX+ PCI Adapter

Jeff Garzik
Sun Apr 30 12:33:40 2000

Tom Epperly wrote:
> I've got a Debian Potato system with the 2.2.14 kernel.  I want to set up IP
> masq, so I can connect a second system via the Linux box.  I bought two D-Link
> DFE-530TX+ PCI NICs.  They came with RTL8139 drivers.  My current kernel had a more
> recent reversion of the rtl8139.c driver (v1.07), so I am using that one.
> eth0 is connected to the cable modem
> eth1 is connected to the ethernet card in the Windows box
> eth0 is working fine.  I haven't seen any evidence of communication taking
> place between eth1 and the Windows box.

eth1 is DIRECTLY connected to the ethercard card in the Windows box?  If
so, are you using a hub, or is there a special crossover cable
connecting the two?
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