8139too driver update - call for testing

Jeff Garzik jgarzik@mandrakesoft.com
Thu Apr 27 14:36:31 2000

I'm pleased to announce the third public beta test of the new RTL-8139
driver for 2.3.x kernels, 8139too version

Download from http://gtf.org/garzik/drivers/8139too/

This should take care of many of the reported bugs, but please test
under load to be sure this is accurate.

* Replace several "magic numbers" with symbolic constants
* Differentiate between board-specific info and chip-specific info
  (allows for easier support of specific boards or chips)
* Move some of the transmit side outside of the spinlock
  by using atomic variables.  Use spin_lock_irq instead of
  spin_lock_irq{save,restore} in select places, for better performance.
* New module option "media" for forcing media selection.  Functions the
  same as "options" in other drivers, and will soon be renamed
  'options' to be homogeneous.
* New power management wake-up code
* Slightly more verbose chip id messages in kernel log
* Add/correct chip register constant list
* New chipset wake up (open) logic
* No longer locks CONFIGx updates
* Do not set Interfame Gap (IFG) bits in TxConfig
* Better Rx reset logic in case of Rx FIFO Overflow
* For chips which support it, enable bit to automatically clear Rx
  FIFO overflow
* No longer enable and disable interrupts in interrupt handler
  (technique borrowed from BSD driver, appears to have problems
   with some chips)
* H/W spinlock now protects ioctl
* Chipset-dependent RxConfig settings 

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