Genius GF100TXR II

Oliver Schulze L.
Thu Apr 27 06:01:01 2000

> Mike Hodgkinson wrote:
> The Genius GF100TXR II is a 100Mbps network card that uses the realtek 8139b
> chipset.
> I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to get this working with the current
> source and the source supplied with the card and the module supplied with
> the 2.1.14 kernel and had no luck.
> When the module is installed the card seems not to be detected, can ping
> itself alright but cannot ping others too well. It loses the first 4 or so
> packets and then has ping times of 2000-6000ms and recieves duplicate
> packets.
> Any ideas why this could be?
> I have tried contacting Genius but they have just ignored my inquiries.
> Thanx
> Mike

I have the same NIC and Linux 2.2.14 detect it.
In the floppy that Genius ship with the NIC, there is a
kernel module that you can use. Just do a modprobe rtl8139.o

If you want to compile te kernel say yes to:

or use make menuconfig and go to:
Network device support->Ethernet (10 or 100Mbit)->RealTek 8129/8139

Oliver Schulze L.
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