PowerPC rtl8139 Problems

Ken Hendrickson Kenneth_Hendrickson@mail.northgrum.com
Thu Apr 13 12:16:29 2000

OK.  I'm violating netiquette by posting before I've read and listened
for a few days, but I don't have time ... I need help.

I have a PCI ethernet card (brand/model unknown) with a realtek 8139 in
a Beige Power Macintosh G3.  It doesn't work.

If I connect up another machine and watch packets on the net, I do see
arp request packets flying by ... but no other packets.  I see other
machine's arp requests also by watching the net from the PowerPC
platform as well.  I never see any other kind of packet.

I've compiled with the debug option set to 5, and my logs have messages like:

	Abnormal interrupt, status 000000[1-3][01]
	Oversized Ethernet frame, status 4e290e!

The [1-3][01] above is a regular expression; an actual status like
00000021 might be showing up in the logs.

I thought there might be an endian issue between x86 and PowerPC, so I
tried changing the crc polynomial from big endian to little endian. 
(Yes, I know that PowerPC is big endian and x86 is little endian.  I'm
not sure why on an x86 platform a big endian crc polynomial is used.) 
That didn't help.  I see no difference.  (As far as I can tell from
reading the source, it only affects multicasting, and I'm not trying to
do any multicasting yet.)


Why might I see arp request packets just fine, but no other packets?

What can I do to provide more information so that anybody here can be helpful?

I need suggestions, ideas, etc.  Please help.

Ken Hendrickson
Northrop Grumman
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