[How can I ?] ...force driver to use 10Mbit

Rudolf Zeilhofer zeilhofe@informatik.uni-muenchen.de
Fri Oct 1 03:25:38 1999

Hi Donald,

thank you for your quick response. The reason of my question was that I connected the 10/100MBit
Ethernet Card with a hub. The hub was connected to a 10Mbit network. In this scenario the card
always tried to use the 100MBit mode, instead of auto-sensing the right speed. When I changed the
hub to a newer model, everything was working well. I will try it again with the old one and your
suggestions how to manage this problem.

Thank you

> > my problem is that I want to use an 10/100Mbit Ethernet-Card (with Realtek 8139 chipset) within
> > an 10MBit network. How can I force the driver to use 10MBit. It tries always to send in 100MBit
> > mode.
> The chip automatically sense the speed of the connection.
> To see the current link state use 'mii-diag' from
>   http://cesdis.gsfc.nasa.gov/linux/diag/index.html
> To force 10baseT (you should never need to) do
>   mii-diag -F 10baseT
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