Freezed kernel when using rtl8139 driver

Kamil Toman
Tue May 4 07:06:38 1999


	I got some problems with rtl8139.c driver. I use kernel 2.2.5 with
this driver complied in. It looks to work fine but if it is used intensively
(local ftpd -- someone downloads large data files) after a few minutes
the systems writes out the message:

ueth0: transmit timeout, status 0d 0000 media 08
ueth0: Tx queue start entry 493047 dirty entry 493047

and then system hangs up (even most magic SysRq keys). I got the Micronet

rtl8139-diag.c:v1.01 4/30/99 Donald Becker (
Index #1: Found a RealTek RTL8139 adapter at 0x6000.
The RealTek chip appears to be active, so some registers will not be read.
To see all register values use the '-f' flag.
RealTek chip registers at 0x6000
 0x000: 77c74000 0000c220 80000000 00000000 9008a03c 9008a04a 9008a03c 9008a03c
 0x020: 01812000 01812600 01812c00 01813200 01840000 0d0e0000 49e449d4 0000807f
 0x040: 63000400 00009c0e 53614c29 00000000 002c10c6 00000000 01000008 00100000
 0x060: 1000f00f 05e1782d 00000000 00000000 00000025 000077c0 00000000 00000000.
  No interrupt sources are pending.
 The chip configuration is 0x10 0x2c, MII half-duplex mode.

 The RTL8139 does not use a MII transceiver.
 It does have internal MII-compatible registers:
   Basic mode control register   0x782d.
   Basic mode status register    0x1000.
   Autonegotiation Advertisement 0x05e1.
   Link Partner Ability register 0x0000.
   Autonegotiation expansion     0x0000.
   Disconnects                   0x0000.
   False carrier sense counter   0x0000.
   NWay test register            0x0025.
   Receive frame error count     0x0000.

rtl8139-diag.c:v1.01 4/30/99 Donald Becker (
Index #1: Found a RealTek RTL8139 adapter at 0x6000.
Parsing the EEPROM of a RealTek chip:
  PCI IDs -- Vendor 0x10ec, Device 0x8139, Subsystem 0x10ec.
  PCI timer settings -- minimum grant 32, maximum latency 64.
  General purpose pins --  direction 0xf3  value 0xd0.
  Station Address 00:40:C7:77:20:C2.
  Configuration register 0/1 -- 0x6c / 0x00.
 EEPROM active region checksum is 0915.

This card acts like the first eth card. The second is runs ISA wd.c driver.

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