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Donald Becker
Mon Mar 22 07:26:18 1999

On Sun, 21 Mar 1999 wrote:

> To: "linux-realtek-announce @ beowulf . gsfc . nasa . gov"

Please do *NOT* post to the announce group unless you are really making an

> please tell how can i force my rtl8139 card
> to operate in 100Mbps mode under red hat linux 5.1 
> because up to now i have only managed to operate it at 
> 10Mbps

The card should always be in autosense+autonegotiate mode for both 10 and

The output of 'ifconfig' is not reporting the speed, only the link
encapsulation type.  Use 'mii-diag' to find the current speed.

Donald Becker
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