SMC EZ Card 10/100
Thu Jun 24 14:07:44 1999

I hope this is not information overload, but I want to be thorough ...

I have 2 SMC EZCard 10/100's in my linux box with a cable modem hooked
to one (eth0) and a hub to a win 98 machine with a third EZCard (eth1).

IP Forwarding is working fine, all protocols are going well, and the
connection to the cable modem works great.  The problem I'm experiencing
is that transferring data between the linux machine and the windows
machine (Including file downloads on the windows box that are forwarded
by the linux box) will freeze.

In re-compiling the driver on the linux box for debugging and printing a
couple extra values I get the following:

Abnormal interrupt, status 00000041
(following all printed as decimal)
PCIErr = 32768
PCSTimeout = 16384
RxUnderrun = 32
RxOverflow = 16
RxFIFOOver = 64

When this happens, I've tried dropping forwarding to eth1, dropping
routing to eth1, removing eth1 with 'ifconfig eth1 down', and re-adding
all of these ... ip-forwarding does not come back and I have to reboot
the linux box to restore the win 98 machines connectivity ... (I don't
have to bounce the windows box usually).

Does anyone have any idea what this could be caused by or how to resolve

    Sean Mullen ( /
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