Rtl 8139 force 100/FD?

Pekka Savola Pekka.Savola@netcore.fi
Sat Jul 31 06:11:06 1999

Hello all,

I have had a couple of Allied Telesyn RTL8139 NIC's for over half a year now,
but they keep losing their 100/FD state now and then.  My driver version
at the moment is 1.08.

Is there any way to force RTL8139 to 100mbit/s Full-duplex?  Full-duplex is
an easy thing (options rtl8139 full_duplex=1), but trying to disable
auto-negotiation and use only 100mbit/s with options=XX like with many,
many other
cards doesn't seem to help any.

By the way, in my NIC both 10 and 100mbit/s LEDS are alight at the same time.
I have forced my NIC to 100/FD with a dos utility diskette, but it seems as
soon as I load the linux driver, the 10 mbit/s LED light to accompany
already-lighted 100 mbit/s.

Anyone noticed something like this?

I have an identical card cross-overed to a Windows box, and it seems to act 

rtl8139-diag says:
 The chip configuration is 0x10 0x6c, MII full-duplex mode.


Index #1: Found a RealTek RTL8139 adapter at 0x6200.
 The RTL8139 does not use a MII transceiver.
 It does have internal MII-compatible registers:
   Basic mode control register   0x780d.
   Basic mode status register    0x2100.
   Autonegotiation Advertisement 0x0541.
   Link Partner Ability register 0x0000.
   Autonegotiation expansion     0x0000.
   Disconnects                   0x0000.
   False carrier sense counter   0x0000.
   NWay test register            0x0000.
   Receive frame error count     0x0000.


Basic mode control register 0x0000: Auto-negotiation disabled!
   Speed fixed at 10 mbps, half-duplex.
 Basic mode status register 0x0000 ... 0000.
   Link status: not established.
   Capable of <Warning! No media capabilities>.
   Unable to perform Auto-negotiation, negotiation not complete.
 This transceiver has no vendor identification.
 I'm advertising 0000:
   Advertising no additional info pages.
   Using an unknown (non 802.3) encapsulation.
 Link partner capability is 0000:.
   Negotiation did not complete.

 Thanks for your help,
   Pekka Savola

Pekka Savola                         Pekka.Savola@netcore.fi
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