card identification

Matt Teagarden
Fri Feb 26 04:28:04 1999

I have an "Addtron AEF-330TX"  pci 10/100 card.  Addtron's website isn't
much help in terms of what chipset the card has, but from what I can tell,
it is a realtek of some sort.  I have tried loading the rtl8139 module, but
to no avail.  If I do a insmod rtl8139.o I get "rtl8139.o: init_module:
Device or resource busy" back from the module.

the system is an old Dell p90,  pci 2.0 bus.  kernel 2.2.2   there is also
another realtek card in the system,  a 10base card,  but it responds with
the ne2k-pci module.

any suggestions?   is this addtron card a realtek?


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