Problem with linux 2.2.1 + Debian 2.0 + AT2500V2.....

Maurizio Totti
Mon Feb 8 05:23:27 1999

excuse me for my poor english.
I've installed a Debian 2.0 on a 4 PPro machine with 2 at2500v2
Fastethenet network card (Realtek 8139). To optimize the SMP system I've
upgrade the kernel up to 2.2.1 and the related packages (libc,
setserial, ncurses, etc....), but I've missing in "make config" the
choose of RTL8139, and after a lot of trial to take the module
"compiling with hand (sorry)" I surround.
Do you know if there are some problem with linux-2.2.1 and Realtek 8139

Please help me (my server is very down ;-)))) )


Maurizio Totti
ENEL S.p.A. SSI Firenze Via Campofiore, 22 50136 Firenze ITALIA
tel.	+39 55 655-3861		fax	+39 55 655-2090
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