Oversized Ethernet Frame? Buggy 8139-Chipset!

Holger Metschulat homer@sgs.wh.tu-darmstadt.de
Fri Dec 17 12:57:39 1999

Hi all,

> of other hosts. In the logfiles I found similiar entries:
> kernel: eth0: Oversized Ethernet frame, status 46424548!

I compiled my module with debug set to 100, so my output is a bit more
noisy. But it shows that no ethernet frame was received at all.

> mainboards... but I have also seen that problem on some pentium-systems so
> it is not the only problem the 8139 has :(

We are running on a Pentium I system.

> It is not the driver! We have also some hosts running under Windows NT 4.0
> Server having exactly the same problem (only the /var/log/messages is

So is there a bug statement from the chipset's manufacturer?

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