Problems compiling driver and installing it

Alok Patel
Thu Dec 16 19:19:06 1999

Hi all,

Sorry bout the previous emails abiguity and the HTML format.  Anyway I will
describe the problems that I am having.

I have the "latest" rtl8139.c file from the website.

I have copied it onto my linux box and run the following lines to try and
compile the code:

gcc -o rtl8139.c

gcc -o rtl8139.c rtl8139.o

there was a line that someone gave me but I have lost it.

As I am quite new to linux I was hoping that you could tell me the command
line I should use to compile the code and then how I should install that

I am running Debian Linux r2.1 on a Pentium II 300 w/128MB Ram.

Thanks for your help.


Alok Patel

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