Rx-Problem with 8139.c Driver

Stefan Meister Stefan.Meister@t-online.de
Fri Dec 3 15:57:09 1999

I have a problem in receiving Data-Packets with an Lantech Fastnet TX 
PCI-Card with an 8139A.
If i send files bigger than (ca.) 64K to the receiving Linux-Server 
the network-connection is broken. I tried this out while sending files 
with changing filesize increased step by step via ftp from an Windows 
(or OS/2-Warp) Client to the Linux-FTP-Server.
Originally i was pointed to that Problem while using the Linux-PC as a 
Fileserver under Samba. When i copied Files to a shared Directory 
(with r/w permission) the Samba-Server was broken.
I use a RedHat-Distribution with Kernel-Version 2.2.9 and the 
rtl8139.c Driver V. 1.06.
I also got the V. 1.08 which i compiled in the Kernel with the same 
result as mentioned above.
Server: ASUS SP3G, 486AMDx133, 32MB
What can i do?
Thank you & with kind regards...

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