Error: Oversized Ethernet Frame

Martin Ehmke
Fri Aug 27 13:45:13 1999

I've been using two Fast Ethernet cards with the rtl8139 chip about two 
weeks, to connect to computers using a cross-link cable.
When I use the connection for low bandwidth (www,mail,etc.) it works fine. 
Transfering large files (>10MB) works also fine in general, but if there 
is larger cpu-load (e.g. compiling a kernel) I get the following error 
message, especially if I transfer via Samba or NFS:
Oversized Ethernet Frame: <memory-address>

After this error I can't transmit any data (no pings, etc.). If I do an 
"ifconfig eth0 down" and "ifconfig eth0 up" it works again, but this is no 
real solution...
It occurs only if I receive data on the machine (P90) I use as server and 

This problem is reproducable: I simply must install a windows application 
on a network device which points to a share on the linux-box using Samba.
Alternatively I could use on both machines linux and copy data to the 
server via nfs.

I have searched many newsgroups about this problem and there are a lot of 
other people who have similar problems using other cards, but I couldn't 
find any message which would have helped me.

So I hope that you could help me to solve this problem!

    Thank You
	    Martin Ehmke
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