Some details about problems with RTL8139

Nuno Emanuel F. Carvalho
Mon Aug 9 20:11:07 1999


 I really need help on getting two network cards to work. I'm able to
work with them on Windows NT and on
Linux(only if I had, initially, started first with NT :-(( ).

 What happens:

   [Machine1]                                         [Machine2]
1. Start this machine
                                                       2. Start this

  Both network cards have *10Mbit LED on*. This happen(I think)
 because they're configured for 10MBit(using an MSDOS application
which came with those cards.)   There is no LED blinking (on both).

3. Ping to machine2
4. LED(CT) start blinking
5. There's no reply from machine2
6. ifconfig shows TX packets being

                                                      7. Appears message
on screen (every packet received):
                                                          eth0: transmit
timeout, status 0d 0000 media 08.
                                                          eth0: Tx queue
start entry 5 dirty entry 1.

                                                      8. LED(CT) blink
every time it shows 7.

                                                      9. ifconfig shows:

                                                              RX packets
-> being increased
                                                              TX errors
-> being increased
carriers -> being increased

10. There was 100% packet lost. :-(

What should I do ? Could someone help me?


 Best regards,
    Nuno Carvalho

P.S. I'm using kernel 2.2.10

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